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Precision Safe Sidewalks, Inc. - Trip Hazard Removal Specialists 
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About Precision Safe Sidewalks, Inc.

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The Only Precision Concrete Cutting
Company Serving North Carolina & Virginia

2104 Duck Hunter Point, Suite 121
Florence, SC 29501


In 1992, Ballard Gardner opened a small trip-hazard removal business in Provo, Utah. Over time he became frustrated with the poor results from conventional methods, and began looking for a better way. Ballard designed several unique machines that used a saw instead of a grinder. His efforts ultimately led to today’s design, which was awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Now, over sixteen years since the company's founding, Precision Concrete Cutting has received six patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is a fast growing multi-state group of trip hazard removal specialists that have removed uneven concrete trip hazards from over 10,000 miles of sidewalk.  We service 1000’s of clients from large municipalities to small properties.  Our goal is to continue to provide the best trip hazard removal service to our clients. Our quality is the best in the industry.

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Trip Hazard Removal Applications

One inch trip hazard on a five foot sidewalk panel cut with
precision concrete cutting methods for ADA compliance.


Customer Testimonials

“Seldom do cities receive compliments on construction activities; but with Precision Safe Sidewalks, Inc. we have received numerous compliments from citizens and their satisfaction with the work that has been accomplished in their neighborhoods...I highly recommend [PSS's] services to any city which is intent upon reducing their trip hazards and liability exposure.  Our own liability exposure has been reduced significantly and any claims that we do receive are much easier to defend.”

-- Nicholas R. Jones, P.E., City Engineer 

“The elected officials and the residents were so pleased with the cost effectiveness and superior results over other methods of trip hazard removal, that we have expanded our contract to eventually include all sidewalks within the City over the next several years.”

-- John Morgan, City Administrator