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Sidewalk Repair Gallery

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Handicap Ramp and Area Repairs

Light Pole & Multi Panel Repair

Sidewalk Curb & Panel Repair at a Point of Egress to Parking Spaces

These repairs are on a handicap ramp and entrance area around an intersection light pole.  These trip hazards present an increased problem for public works due to their high traffic location and vicinity to surrounding municipality assets.

This three panel repair was next to a light pole.  All repairs were made without any damage to the adjacent light pole and grass lawn.

This sunken panel repair included a  1-1/2" trip hazard on a 7ft sidewalk panel and a 2" trip hazard at a point of egress at the curb. 

Repair Time: 17 Minutes

Curb: Repair made to include a beveled edge, maintaining consistency to previous curb design

OSHA compliant coefficient o friction for slip resistance.

ADA Compliant: Trip hazard repaired at a 1:8 slope.

1 1/2 Inch Hazard Repair

  • Smooth and    Attractive Appearance
  • Safe Clean Walkway
  • Correct Over 100 Hazards per Day
  • Stretches Sidewalk Repair Budget
  • Reduces Medical Expenses and Liability from Trip and Fall Injuries



This is a side view of a sidewalk repair to a 1 1/2 inch trip hazard on a five foot sidewalk panel. 

Repair Time: 11 Minutes



This is a handicap ramp that we can repair using precision concrete cutting methods. The curb will be surgically cut to have an ADA compliant slope of 1:12 and will be OSHA compliant for slip resistance.

5ft Sidewalk Panel Repair

Handicap Ramp Repairs


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  • Sole Source Patents -- PDF

    Service Specifications


    Precision Safe Sidewalks guarantees that each repair will have a zero point of differential between slabs - meaning the joint of each repair will be precisely flush the full width of the slab.


    Precision Safe Sidewalk's repair leaves smooth, uniform, flat, and aesthetically appealing results with the precise, slip resistant repair slope that exceeds OSHA requirements and meets ADA specifications.


    Repairs are made across the full width of the sidewalk panel without injuring trees or damaging walls, fences, poles, sprinkler heads, or other obstacles.


    Precision Safe Sidewalks exclusively uses a patented dust containment system that captures approximately 85% of the dust.  After completing each repair, we then clean up and remove all debris.  This is especially useful in downtown or high traffic areas.


    Precision Safe Sidewalks uses safety equipment specified by OSHA including respirators, hearing protection, full face shields, gloves, steel toed shoes, and approved safety vests.


    You'll receive information on the location, height, and length of every repair -- all powerful information to show efforts to comply with the ADA.