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         OSHA Compliant

OSHA Compliant for Slip Resistance

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OSHA guidelines define a reasonable measure of slip-resistance as a static coefficient of friction (COF).  A COF of 0.50, which is based upon studies by the University of Michigan and reported in "Work Surface Friction Definitions, Laboratory and Field Measurements, and a Comprehensive Bibliography," is recommended as a guide to achieve proper slip resistance. 

Since OSHA designates a reasonable measure of slip-resistance of 0.50, trip hazard repairs that do not comply with this minimum slip-resistance represent a potential liability to our clients. Cities, school districts, hospitals, churches, shopping malls, universities, apartment complexes, and other large buildings should comply with OSHA guidelines to ensure the safety of people using their sidewalk assets.

Our patented saw-cutting technology completely and cleanly removes not only trip hazards from sidewalks, but leaves a micro textured finish on the repair that is equal to or exceeds OSHA standards for adequate slip resistance. By having Precision Safe Sidewalks, Inc. remove their trip hazards, our clients reduce their legal liability using the most efficient and cost effective method available.

• Each offset will be tapered according to the specifications requested by the client and will have a smooth, uniform appearance and texture that meets or exceeds OSHA guidelines for slip resistance.

• The raised sidewalk will be cut from edge to edge and brought to a zero point of differential settlement, completely    eliminating the trip hazard.

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Trip Hazard Removal Applications

Service Specifications


Precision Safe Sidewalks guarantees that each repair will have a zero point of differential between slabs - meaning the joint of each repair will be precisely flush the full width of the slab.


Precision Safe Sidewalk's repair leaves smooth, uniform, flat, and aesthetically appealing results with the precise, slip resistant repair slope that exceeds OSHA requirements and meets ADA specifications.


Repairs are made across the full width of the sidewalk panel without injuring trees or damaging walls, fences, poles, sprinkler heads, or other obstacles.


Precision Safe Sidewalks exclusively uses a patented dust containment system that captures approximately 85% of the dust.  After completing each repair, we then clean up and remove all debris.  This is especially useful in downtown or high traffic areas.


Precision Safe Sidewalks uses safety equipment specified by OSHA including respirators, hearing protection, full face shields, gloves, steel toed shoes, and approved safety vests.


You'll receive information on the location, height, and length of every repair -- all powerful information to show efforts to comply with the ADA.