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Precision Concrete Cutting is not Concrete Grinding

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CHARLOTTE, NC (March 2010) -
Precision Safe Sidewalks, Inc. and its affiliates are frequently asked, "are you going to grind it [trip hazard] down?"  Our patented method is not concrete grinding at all.  We use a patented method of making a horizontal cut instead of concrete grinding to remove trip hazards.  We used to be a grinding company and know all the issues and problems created by concrete grinding.  Concrete grinding is not quick.  Usually, it takes about one hour for a two to three man crew to remove a trip hazard 

Precision Safe Sidewalks trip hazard removal process can help reduce your liability for trip and fall claims.  Our sidewalk restoration service is quick.  The average trip hazard repair specialist can remove up to 50 trip hazards per day.  A three man crew can easily remove up to 1,500 hazards in ten days. 

Concrete grinding is not ADA compliant.  There is no way to guarantee that concreted grinding will provide an adequate slope or completely remove the trip hazard from edge-to-edge.

Precision Safe Sidewalks trip hazard removal process is compliant.  Every hazard repair is made to ADA and customer specifications.  Furthermore, the trip hazard removal and cut meets or exceeds OSHA standards for slip resistance with a coefficient of friction equal to or greater than 0.50.  Trip hazard removal cuts on sidewalks and around handicap accessible areas are precisely made to have a slope of 1:8 and 1:12 respectively.  If you have different specifications, we perform the hazard removal at those specifications.

Concrete grinding is more cost effective than removing and replacing sidewalk panels, but it causes so much damage to adjacent panels that they oftentimes have to be replaced prematurely as a direct result of concrete grinding.  Using concrete grinding pulverizes the concreted panels leaving them weak and accelerating the need to replace them.

Trip hazard removal
is an expensive process for anyone owning sidewalk assets.  Precision Safe Sidewalks' precision concrete cutting process allows for sidewalk repairs at a fraction of the cost of traditional removal and replacement or the resources utilized for concreted grinding operations. 

Our complete trip hazard and sidewalk restoration service specifications offer zero point of differential, smooth flat and slip-resistant, edge-to-edge treatment, dust abatement system, OSHA approved safety equipment, and completely auditable results for every hazard removed.

Precision Safe Sidewalks and its affiliates have an impeccable reputation for removing trip hazards for municipalities, schools, facilities management companies, home owners associations, retirement homes and residential complexes for the past 17 years.  Since inception, we have established ourselves as a superior trip hazard removal and sidewalk restoration service that is quick, clean and extremely economical for anyone that owns sidewalk assets. 

For more information about Precision Safe Sidewalks and our trip hazard removal process, call us toll free at (800) 734-8891 or email us


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