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         Compliments Sidewalk Removal and Replacement Programs

Precision Concrete Cutting Compliments Replacement & Removal

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Before & After Repair Comparison

A - 5 FT Sidewalk Panels Unrepaired:

Twelve sidewalk panels are surveyed.  Eight do not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  All present hazards and increased liability of a trip and fall incident. 

The sidewalk panels include four trip hazards of various lengths, one cracked, one severely cracked, one spalling and one severely sunken panel.

Precision Safe Sidewalks can repair five of the eight hazards for a reduce rate as compared to removal and replacement and repair them to have an ADA compliant slope.

B - 5 FT Repaired Panels Using Precision Concrete Cutting with Removal & Replacement:

Five of the eight panels are repaired using Precision Concrete Cutting for an average cost of $54 per repair.  Three of the panels are repaired using removal and replacement for $250 each. 

Benefits: $980 in savings and the ability to repair more sidewalk panels in a given area.  Five Precision Concrete Cut panels took one hour for complete repair and removal of all debris.  Three panels removed and replaced took 3 - 5 days to complete.     

C - 5 FT Repaired Panels Using Removal & Replacement Only:

Eight panels repaired using removal and replacement only.  Costs increased by $980 in total or $196 per panel by NOT using Precision Concrete Cutting.  3 - 5 day repair time vs. minutes with Precision Concrete Cutting.


Precision Safe Sidewalks can help you stretch your budget by using Precision Concrete Cutting.  On average, we can repair 7 out of 10 panels that present trip and fall hazards as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  We are fast, clean, compliant and cost effective.

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