Precision Safe Sidewalks manages sidewalks assets for a variety of clients seeking to improve walkability in their communities and come into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Examples include, but are not limited to:


Precision Safe Sidewalks’ annual sidewalk program helps municipalities ensure their communities are always safe, walkable, and ADA compliant—all while helping them stretch their budgets. As part of this program, we provide clients with a detailed map outlining the locations and severity of hazards and work closely with  our points of contact to ensure the operation runs flawlessly.

Universities, Colleges, Schools, and Private Campuses

From massive state college campuses to the smallest elementary schools, Precision Safe Sidewalks is a favorite option for schools that want to ensure safe, walkable environments for students, families and faculty alike. Ask our business development managers about schools we have worked with in your area.

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Property Managers/Property Management Companies

Property managers are pulled in a thousand directions every day and can’t do it all. That is why they hire Precision Safe Sidewalks. We lighten their load, enabling them to focus on other projects. When necessary, Precision Safe Sidewalks works closely with boards and anyone else involved in the decision-making process on sidewalks asset management.


HOAs and Apartment Complexes

HOAs and apartment complexes take pride in their communities and know walkability is increasingly something renters and buyers insist on. Precision Safe Sidewalks helps HOAs and apartment complexes stay compliant without causing significant disturbance to those who live in them.


Hospitals and Retirement Communities

Hospital communities and retirement communities often feel an added responsibility to ensure their sidewalks are ADA compliant and free from trip and fall hazards. For this reason, they often choose to utilize the most thorough of Precision Safe Sidewalks’ offerings, eliminating all hazard completely.


The above is just a small sampling of Precision Safe Sidewalks’ most common clients, but it is far from an exhaustive list. We serve a variety of other clients, from government-managed facilities to corporate office parks to churches to neighborhood redevelopment programs. We even have some fun with amusement parks. Please call us to hear more about our extensive sidewalk asset management services and clientele.

We tried a few different methods to eliminate the trip hazards using our own personnel and equipment…We were dissatisfied with not only the cost of these procedures but also with the appearance of the projects…[Precision Safe Sidewalks] was able to provide what I feel was the best solution. By providing an accurate estimation sheet, we are able to schedule our projects within a given budget. The process was done in a very professional manner. It was clean, fast, and cost-effective relative to any other process we had previously tried.”
— Roger Pate, School District Grounds Supervisor

The elected officials and the residents were so pleased with the cost effectiveness and superior results over other methods of trip hazard removal, that we have expanded our contract to eventually include all sidewalks within the City over the next several years.”
— John Morgan, City Administrator

Seldom do cities receive compliments on construction activities; but with Precision Safe Sidewalks, we have received numerous compliments from citizens and their satisfaction with the work that has been accomplished in their neighborhoods...I highly recommend [PSS’s] services to any city which is intent upon reducing their trip hazards and liability exposure. Our own liability exposure has been reduced significantly and any claims that we do receive are much easier to defend.”
— Nicholas R. Jones, P.E., City Engineer

Precision Safe Sidewalks was able to save our city a lot of money by making repairs in our central business district downtown area. Our original quotes to make these repairs were in excess of $300,000 and Precision Safe Sidewalks was able to remove every trip hazard for ADA Compliance for less than $30,000. The complaints from tenants and citizens have stopped and our liability for trip and fall incidents is greatly reduced because of their work....they are the heat on those joints.”
— Randy Lane, Construction Management

The precision concrete cutting trip hazard repair method has proven to be very cost effective compared to previous methods of repair such as grinding and ‘removal & replacement’. The locations that have been repaired have been expedited in a quick and clean manner, enabling our residents and storefront owners to continue everyday activities with limited or no disruptions. Due to the quality of work and professionalism that has been exhibited during the past several years, I highly recommend their services for removing sidewalk trip hazards.”
— Ben Copeland, Budgets & C.I.P. Manager