Precision Safe Sidewalks is a sidewalk asset management company that removes trip hazards from concrete and asphalt sidewalks. This alleviates trip and fall liability, meets Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, and improves walkability in communities.

Our approach has been awarded seven U.S. patents.  We use a horizontal saw to repair trip hazards as small as 1/4 inch (as defined by the ADA) to as high as 2 1/2 inches.  Municipalities find that our proprietary service is more efficient and costs just 15-20% of the cost of conventional methods of trip hazard removal.


Thinking Green

Precision Safe Sidewalks is a US Green Building Council Member and supports municipalities and private communities that care about sustainability and the environment.

Compact, portable equipment means no heavy trucks and exhaust plus reduced fuel consumption.

Patented dust containment reduces construction dust in your community, and removed concrete is recycled.

Quality trip hazard repair of existing sidewalks means less waste and debris. The avoidance of demolish and replacement that our company’s work results in saves thousands of tons of CO2, annually.

Safe sidewalks in your neighborhoods mean they will get more ongoing use, and we know that more pedestrian traffic is healthier for the environment.

Service Specifications

Zero Point Differential

Precision Safe Sidewalks guarantees that each trip hazard repair will have a zero point of differential between slabs - meaning the joint of each repair will be precisely flush with the full width of the slab.

Smooth, Flat, & Slip Resistant

Precision Safe Sidewalks’ trip hazard repair leaves smooth, uniform, flat, and aesthetically appealing results with the precise, slip resistant repair slope that exceeds OSHA standards and meets ADA specifications.

Edge-to-Edge Treatment

Trip hazard repairs are made across the full width of the sidewalk panel without injuring trees or damaging walls, fences, poles, sprinkler heads, or other obstacles.

Precision Safe Sidewalks exclusively uses a patented dust containment system that captures approximately 95% of the dust.  After completing each trip hazard repair, we then clean up and remove all debris.  This is especially useful in downtown or high traffic areas.

Dust Abatement System

OSHA Approved Safety Equipment

Precision Safe Sidewalks uses safety equipment specified by OSHA including respirators, hearing protection, full face shields, gloves, steel-toed shoes, and approved safety vests.

Completely Auditable Results

You'll receive information on the location, height, and length of every trip hazard repair - all powerful information to show efforts to comply with the ADA.